New Report  
January 5, 2022
Zimmer went to Polson Bay out in front of Kwatuknuk (4-7 inches) and caught 2-14 lb. Mackinaws. Lake Mary Ronan (sloppy on the ice; 250 yards out and  be careful; ice thickness at a guess is 4-6 inched)  is giving up perch
and East Bay is frozen over solid with 3-4 inches lots of snow on the ice.   Turtle Lake  6" of ice and good for  perch and cutthroat trout caught. Echo Lake is now ice fishable. 
Echo Lake is good. Many varieties being caught.  Kicking Horse is open and trout and little perch being caught there .  Sunfish, Pike , brown and rainbow and large mouth bass there.  Dog Lake and Lonepine reservoirs good for Pike  Ninepipe and Pablo Reservoir still!!! closed.  Call the Bison Range and complain.!  


September 2020
Whitefish never quite caught on this year; only sporatic time of fishing them. Lake Trout are being caught in shallow water (60
-90 feet But they are staging to spawn in 180 feet. Because there are lots of perch fry in weed beds perch fishing is excellent.  8 to 10 1/2 inch size; no big ones. From now until cold weather and rainy days the fish will slow down until ice forms.  Lake trout fishing will get continually better on through their spawning season which is the end of November.  

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